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Roam Wild (Bison)


Remember going to camp, and hurting yourself because you did the exact opposite of what the counselors told you to do? Remember being so cold in the cabin that the last thing you wanted was to be at camp in the first place? Do you remember the sound of the crackling campfire? When you burned all your marshmallows yet you were laughing with all of your friends while the camp counselors sang you songs and told you scary stories? Remember how you got to stay up late, and gossip with all your friends about who had a crush on who? Do you remember all of those amazing friends you made and the hugs you gave on that last day? Yea, we're feeling nostalgic too - welcome to the Camp Club.  

These stickers are full-color, perfect for turning your favorite water bottle into a rad work of art! Plus, they are die-cut from fully waterproof vinyl, so you'll never have to worry about them fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. They are truly made to endure the wild.

Included in the set are four colorful stickers.

Size: ROAM WILD: 2" x 2.37"

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