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Indian Creek Rock Climbing Sticker


Driving down HWY211 in total darkness the silhouettes of a sandstone fortress’s on either side of you start to become evident. This is far beyond your typical desert setting and upon waking up in the morning totally in awe, this is all confirmed. Will it be shade chasing or sun bathing?

Which wall you'll climb that day changes by the minute and the approach time varies upon who’s trying to sandbag you. Never has it felt so normal to sip coffee discussing your plans that day with total strangers all waiting to poop in the same hole a few feet away.

Climbing here isn’t for the sensitive or soft skinned but rather slightly masochistic. Just being in this place can prove exhausting much less the actual climbing. Whatever your size finger or hand, there’s a crack out there for you. Weeks after leaving you’ll look down at your healing hands and gear with the red sand still on it, wishing you were back in that sandy crack paradise.

  • Inspired by crack climbing Scarface, Indian Creek Utah. 
  • Illustrated by Kayla Edgar 
  • Premium sticker: waterproof & fade proof with aggressive adhesive for outdoor or indoor placement.

  • Made in America.

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