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The Delilah Camp Pants | Natural

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Grace Fritzke
Size chart needs to be updated!

I ordered a size large in this color since medium was out of stock. According to the size chart, the waist is 25.5'' and I am 28'', but I went by the sizing described by people in the reviews. Wondery was great and replaced my first pair because it had a faulty buckle. However, the pants actually measure more like 28.5'', unstretched. When I emailed Wondery they confirmed that the size charts need to be updated, and that the large measures 28'' at the waist with 2.5'' of additional stretch.

Unfortunately, I am 5'11'' and the pants are pretty short, so even when I don't cinch them at all they get stuck on my calves when I sit or bend my leg. Fabric is a nice linen that hangs well, and colors are good. I only wear with a nude thong because bright colors show through.

I'm hoping Wondery does a long version like they did with their hiking pants!

C Cox
Great pair of pants

These are very comfortable and fit well. The "order a size up" recommendation is spot on. The only drawback is that the waist is very high - and that says a lot coming from me - I love a higher waist cut. The waistband has a button and a snap. The button is placed well. The snap is not. It actually pulls the waist band tighter (too tight in my case). So, I just don't snap it. I like the pants enough to keep them despite that bother.... Now I have to just find the time to do something with the extra length of waistband!

Lane H

Honestly I’m surprised. It’s not a lightweight linen it’s perfect for cooler days. And when I say it’s NOT see through they aren’t. Moms are always the harshest judges of pants and I went out side and stood in the sun and nothing was leaking through. Worth every penny.

Wayne Borromeo
year round pants!!!

love love love these, a little hesitant on white pants but I'll definitely be wearing these all year long, so happy i can wear pants in the summer and it wont be too hot!

Wayne Borromeo
Great simple piece!

the white and red combo is so elegant! Happy with my new pants!