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Wondery's 2020 Gift Guide


Wondery's 2020 Gift Guide


Introducing your one-stop shop for gifts this holiday season! We have carefully curated gift ideas for everyone on your list. These gifts were chosen for being thoughtful, useful, and importantly unique. Show your gift-giving skills off this year and find the perfect gifts for all the special people in your life.

Whatever you’re looking for this holiday season, we are here to make your search a little easier. And who knows, you might find a present for yourself!

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Wondery's Top 10 Picks

The best gifts hand picked by us:

  1. Explorer’s Gift Box: value $209 $149.59
  2. Adventurer’s Gift Box: value $91 $65.59
  3. Camp Craft Cocktails: $25 $22.59
  4. Mountain Lovin Enamel Mug: $26.00 $19.59
  5. WILD Dad Hat: $29 $21.59
  6. Wanderlust Book: $50 $45.59
  7. Explorer Wraparound Blanket: $118 $88.59
  8. Candle: $35 $19.5
  9. Camp Quarantine Fleece Raglan: $74 $59.95
  10. USB Camping Lights: $25 $22.59

The Camper

For many of us, being outdoors is a huge part of life and where we are most ourselves. This year that meant more than ever, especially for The Camper. Spread some love with these unique and outdoorsy gifts.

Gifts for the outdoors:

  1. Adventurer Crewneck: $69 $55.59
  2. The Campout Cookbook: $20 $18.59
  3. Camp Craft Cocktails: $25 $22.59
  4. Recycled Everest Backpack: $97 $38.59
  5. The Official Parks Beanie: $36 $30.59

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The Homebody

Sometimes curling up with a good book next to a cozy fire is adventure enough. Here are gifts for those who don't need to travel to have a good time.

The coziest gifts for the ones you love:

  1. Explorer Wraparound Blanket: $118 $88.59
  2. Mio Marino Socks: $24 $17.59
  3. Camp Quarantine Crewneck: $74 $59.59
  4. Fresh Snow Hot Cocoa Enamel Mug: $25.00 $20.59
  5. Diffuser: $26 $23.59

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The Environmentalist

Giving brings joy but what you give can bring change. Every purchase supports our mission to empower women in the outdoors. Plus with shopping our Super Green products, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint left by the Fashion Industry.

Gifts that help the planet:

  1. Respect The Planet Tee: $38 $30.59
  2. USB Rechargeable Lighter: $30 $27.59
  3. In Nature We Trust Sticker: $3 $2.59
  4. Pack Food Wraps: $18 $9.59
  5. Make Waves Not Waste Tote: $14 $7.59

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The Traveler

Show your love for new experiences with these gifts for The Traveler. Every gift on this list will be perfect for that next epic adventure.

Gifts for a grand adventure:

  1. National Park Passport Stickers: $3 $2.59
  2. Travel Everywhere Tee: $36 $25.59
  3. Traveler Patch: $8 $5.59
  4. Wanderer Crewneck: $67 $56.59
  5. Joe Corduroy Jacket: $73 $65.59

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Not sure what to gift? Give them exactly what they wish for! Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift. The Wondery Gift Card is for all the things they really want but won’t ask for.

We are doing our best to keep items in stock but this has been a crazy year. For up to date information on what is in stock, please visit wonderybrand.com.

By Cheyenne Chavez

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