8 Unique Summertime Adventures Spanning Across the Globe (with pictures!)

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that summer is made for adventure. It’s the time for pushing your limits, exploring new alternatives, and experiencing life as you never have before. Here are 8 unique, summertime adventures the span across the globe.

1) Mountain Tubing Kauai, HawaiiThe Parks Apparel

Photo by backcountryadventures via Facebook

This was an old irrigation system built for the Lihue sugar plantation in Kauai, Hawaii.

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Photo by backcountryadventures via Facebook

The sugar plantation was abandoned, and now it serves as an incredible tubing destination!

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Photo by backcountryadventures via Facebook

There's luscious green flora along your journey, with small rapids and dark tunnels you'll need a helmet and headlamp for. This is a must try if you're every in Kauai!


2) Swim Devil's Swimming Pool, Zambia, Africa

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Photo from adventuresinafrica.com

This amazing beauty is Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Africa. 

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Photo from nationalgeographic.com

As you get closer to the edge of the waterfalls, you'll start to notice a few figures...

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Photo from nationalgeographic.com

That's right - you can swim at the top of Victoria Falls. This is the Devil's Swimming Pool, and it is only accessible from the Zambia side of Victoria Falls. It is a 360 foot drop to the bottom.

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Photo by nandminafrica via Flickr

The water level needs to be low enough to not be swept away by the 500 million liters of water cascading over the edge every minute. Don't worry though - only a few people have fallen off the edge!

 3) Canyoneering Zion, Utah

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Photo via theoutbound.com

This is the gorgeous Zion Narrows. Ask anyone that's been there, and they'll tell you this is on the top of the to-do list. 

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Photo via diariesofwanderlust.com

Sadly, this is a much more accurate depiction of Zion's Narrows. It usually feels like Disneyland on a hot summer day - it's way too crowded. But if you know the right people or have the right skills...

The Parks Apparel

You can go here instead. 

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Photo from Wayne Borromeo by Tony Amicangelo

Or here (yes, that's the Narrows down below when you come up to the first waterfall).

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Photo via zioncanyoneeringuides.com

Or here.

The Parks Apparel

Photo via traveltoms.com

Or here. This is the growing sport of canyoneering: a combination of hiking, rappelling down waterfalls and cliffs, cliff jumping and swimming. You might be asking, "is it ever really that secluded as the lonely guy on that rope looks?" Yes, almost always. This is because some of the canyons are so beautiful and so pristine, Zion National Park requires you to enter a lottery to obtain a permit to even go in the first place.

4) Alpine Roller Coaster, Mieders, Austria

Just watch this - it explains itself. 

5) Getting to and Kayaking the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Photo via geoventurer.com

To get to this 7 Wonders of the World destination, you'll first have to take a 2 hour bus or jeepney to the Port of Sabang. Be prepared: you could be hanging off the top of the roof of a jeepney (we aren't kidding - if there is no room to sit in the jeepney, be prepared to hold on tight)

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Photo via geoventurer.com

After you get off the bus, you'll check in here and take a 30 minute boat ride to a nearby beach (don't worry, the scenery is about to change drastically)

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Photo via pinaynomad.com

The boat will dock at this beach. There are no actual physical docks here - this is the traditional sense of docking the boats directly onto that sand, so the nature here is pristine and untouched.

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Photo via donnaamisdavis.com

From there, it's a short hike through the jungle to get to your kayaks. Getting to the cave is straight out of a fairy tale: the water is emerald blue with tropical birds singing and flying all around you as well as many monitor lizards and monkeys about.

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 Photo via vigattintourism.com

As you enter the cave, the light begins to fade - luckily, you have an onboard spotlight that one person is able to control.

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Photo via itsmorefuninthephilippines.com

As you go deeper and deeper, the cave begins to open up with some amazing stalactite and stalagmite rock formations above.

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Photo via orighttour.com

One cathedral room within the cave is so massive, the spotlight from your kayak won't illuminate the ceiling 980 feet above you. Until recently, it was discovered the cave system has a second floor, meaning there are waterfalls within the cave but many of them are yet to be discovered.


6) Ride the Zip-Flyer in Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Photo via abovethehimalaya.com

Exhilaration at its most extreme, this zipline is dubbed the longest zipline in the world with a length of 5,400 feet and a 2,000 foot vertical drop at 75 miles per hour.

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Photo via nepaladvisor.com

Terrifying? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.


7) Dive amongst Whale Sharks in Holbox, Mexico

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Photo via holboxtravel.com

This is the secluded Holbox, Mexico with a population of about 1,000. The island is separated from the mainland by a shallow lagoon filled with flamingos and pelicans.

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Photo via lonelyplanet.com

For the ultimate marine adventure, divers swim with the 14-meter long Whale Sharks that migrate to Holbox each year.

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Photo via lonelyplanet.com

Hundreds of divers arms get bitten off each year by these dangerous creatures.

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Photo via discoverymundo.com

We're only joking - whale sharks are giant filter feeders - in other words, your arms don't look too tasty to them. These are protected species however, so be sure not to touch them - you may end up in whale jail!


8) Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon

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Photo via great-oregon-vacations.com

Want to ride elephants but Thailand is too far? This should do the trick!

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Photo via thethousandmarch.com

That's right Pacific Northwest - now you too can experience a rhino up close with your newborn child without ever having to leave your Subaru Outback.

The Parks Apparel

Photo via savvysassymoms.com

3 hours south of Portland, you'll drive in a 4.5 mile loop to check out all the exotic African creatures from the comfort of your American licensed vehicle, including zebras, elephants, giraffes, and of course, lions. 

Which of the eight summertime adventures is your favorite? Have you done any already or are in the midst of planning one? Share your adventures with us below! 

Written by Wayne Borromeo


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