8 Tips For Taking Your Pup Along On Your Next Adventure

Mecca Ray-Rouse 19 comments

We all know that adventures are ten times better with your pup at your side. Don’t let the distance or hassle stop you from climbing mountains, jumping in lakes, and watching the sunset with your four-legged friends. With a little know-how, traveling with dogs can be made a whole lot easier. Here are some simple tips for taking your pup along on your next adventure. "It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them." Check The Rules Wherever you plan on going, even...

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The Beginner's Guide To Car Camping

Emily Leclair 16 comments

Many people dream of spending their summers traveling, and exploring nature, but unfortunately most can't always afford to make this dream a reality. So even though your heart may be longing for adventure, your bank account is probably saying otherwise. Wondering how you can explore the world, while keeping your bank account above zero? Don't worry, there is a way... IT'S CAR CAMPING! ABOUT A YEAR AGO, I CAR CAMPED THROUGH ARIZONA AND COLORADO, HITTING SIX NATIONAL PARKS/MONUMENTS ALONG THE WAY. I HAD THE CHANCE TO SEE: Zion National Park Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim (South Rim is better...

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Women and Mountain Bikes

Lindsey Richter 5 comments

Ride to Inspire My name is Lindsey Richter and I’m from Bend, Oregon. I am the Founder and Director of Inspiration for Ladies AllRide Mountain Bike Skills Camps. These are fun-filled events that bring women together to share the joys of mountain biking while learning in a safe and encouraging environment. I strive to build a strong community and grow the population of female mountain bikers across the globe. I started Ladies AllRide to inspire women to face fears, believe in themselves and change negative thoughts to positive. "At Ladies AllRide We relate mountain biking to life by helping women...

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New CEO, New Adventures

Kathryn Ruttke 6 comments

MEET THE CEO NEW CEO, NEW ADVENTURES With the creation of Wondery in 2016, there was one goal in mind: fill every women with enough confidence to take on any outdoor adventure. In an industry dominated by men, the outdoor adventure world can be an intimidating place for women. We’ve accepted the challenge to break down those barriers and liberate women in the outdoors. With such a daunting goal in mind, it takes a very special type of person to lead the charge. Filled with a vision, creativity, and passion, we’re so excited to introduce you to our trailblazing CEO,...

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Black Leaders in the Outdoors

Cheyenne Chavez 141 comments

Black Leaders In The Outdoors Black Leaders In The Outdoors Leaders Who Inspire Connecting with the outdoors creates opportunities for mindfulness, healing, and self realization. Many black womxn have seen the lack of diversity in the outdoors and have worked to open these experiences up to all. Their journeys inspire and motivate others to invite diverse representation in the outdoors. We are excited to highlight the work of five prominent outdoor leaders who are continually inspiring change in our culture and in the outdoor industry. Audrey Peterman Audrey Peterman is president and cofounder of Earthwise Productions; and serves on the...

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Art At Work

Cheyenne Chavez 4 comments

A Focus on Sisterhood In Johannesburg, South Africa, young artist Sarah Dahir takes to her iPad to create simplistic, geometrical designs to capture the essence of sisterhood through muted, earth tone pastels. Upon first observation of her digital medium, you would believe Dahir has been doing this all her life, drawing inspiration from human interaction in one of world's youngest major metropolises. However, what had initially started out as a hobby 2 years ago has now become a full time career. "My work centers around black women and sisterhood, aiming to create pieces that invoke relaxation and fun. I’m really...

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