Gear For The Adventurous Dog

Cheyenne Chavez

There’s nothing better than heading outdoors with your four-legged best friend. Whether you’re tackling a local hike or going on a week-long backpacking trip with your pup, it helps to be prepared. To help make your time outside with your dog safe and fun, check out these 8 essential pieces of outdoor gear for dogs. Harness While collars are great, harnesses allow our pups to explore without experiencing any strain on their necks. If your canine pal isn’t the best leash walker, a harness is even more essential. Since you’ll be out all day, look for a harness that is...

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Rupees and Rand, Shillings and Shkalim 

Eric Hengesbaugh
This is for the meticulous record keepers and the travel curious. 31 May 2016 – Katy and I quit our jobs in Paris, moved out to the french country side and planned our escape to the other end of the world. With at least one big question on our mind: Do we have enough money […]
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